Dervus is the land of the worlds Dwarves. Known for vast mountain ranges and deep mines, it is Ruled by King Detlev Stahlbeil. Dwarves of the land use germanic names, typically ending in ev,ich, or el for males examples: Detlev, Michael (mik-I-el), or Axel. For females a, te, ka examples: Briggitte, Anjelika, Gertie, Gerlinda…

Home to the northern nomadic human tribes Menneske is a frigid, frozen wasteland. TTribes travel around following the herds of the elk like herd animals the jorten. The tribes govern themselves individually, but the strongest tribe is considered the rulers. As of now the land is ruled by Chief Einvaldr of the Utharda tribe. Typical male names: Hrothgar, Bjorn, Wulfgar, Alva Female names: Brunhilda, Helga, Alfhilda

A coastal nation home to the halfling race. It is ruled by the Senate do to the halfings traits of arguing, and talking entirely too much. A Dominar is elected by the senate every 10 years and he is the main executive, his or her decisions are voted upon by the senate, currently the Doma is Abiliana.

Home of the elven kingdom Shalaria is a differing nation, with wooded areas as well as rolling plains, and an oceanic coast. Three types of elves roam the land, wood elves, high elves, and coastal elves. There is no anatomical difference between the three simply a difference in appearance. Wood elves are typically light skinned with brown hair and brown eyes, high elves are slenderer than their cousins, and black haired with very fair skin and green, or grey eyes, and the coastal elves are blonde haired and blue eyed with olive skin. Shalaria is ruled by an empress the oldest daughter of lineage. The current empress is Silvania IV.

Ruled by the Ryou dynasty it is an oriental feudal land that is ruled by Emperor Midorikawa. Legend tells that dragons originated from this land hence the unofficial land realm of the dragon lords. The Emperor makes his public appearances atop a gold dragon, a symbol of holiness in the Daryanese faith.

A monarcratic nation the current queen is THeodora II Cromwell. Known for its chivalric knights it is the foremost land of honor quests, knights quest to find sacred objects and slay great beasts in honor of the great King Tserrof Redel slayer of the mighty Silivok a red dragon great worm.

The Subterranean land ruled by drow matriarchies the society is based on a house system each house vies for power with each other the leading house is Raerkilek headed by Matron Dymilia Raerkilek. There are 54 houses the 6 most powerful make up the Council of Naargasi the goddess of shadow.

Named for the lion god this is the land of the Lyabim a race of lion like humanoids. It is a militiaristic society and the king is chosen in the Arena every 3 years. Those who wish to rule fight in a tournament to the death the winner being named King. It is a jungle land but the cities are glorious sights to behold filled with pyramids and temples to Leoras.

A volcanic wasteland there is no government or people it houses the black lyabim an exiled cousin of the lyabim that are panther like himanoids it is home to many species of monster and mythical creatures, but is nye uninhabitable, very few who venture here survive

The Amalgamate Lands
Not a racial land it is a mix of many different peoples. Its government is the Council of Peoples representatives of the enclaves of each race meet and vote upon the legislation to be passed for the nation.


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